Together Against Childhood Cancer (TACC) is a not-for-profit charity organization located in Kathmandu established by a group of people working in different sectors but willing to work together for a common cause.

Established date: 2019 A.D.
Registration number: 214421/75/076

It was established with the aim of increasing access to proper care, and promoting knowledge related to local needs in the treatment of cancer to the children in Nepal. TACC is headed by Dr. Kailash Prasad Sah, who started pediatric oncology service in the country about two decades ago. Other members include pediatric oncology consultant working in Kati Children’s Hospital and administrator, who has been instrumental in establishment and operation of Pediatric Oncology Services in Kanti Children’s Hospital since its inception two decades ago. TACC has also been strengthened by young and enthusiastic social activists in its team.


TACC envisions a state whereby children in Nepal with suspected cancers get access to diagnosis, are referred to appropriate treatment center, makes sure the treatment is started as soon as possible/as early as possible and complete the treatment without any hurdles to finances and availability of services.

To this effect TACC has committed itself to strive for as long as it takes.

Currently, focus areas of TACC has been in:

  • Strengtheningthe infrastructure and human resource in the Pediatric Oncology Unit in Kanti CHildrens Hospital.
  • Support campaignsraising awareness with the motto that childhood cancers are curable.
  • Homesafe place is essential to animals as much as humans.
  • Carecaring is essential to animals as much as humans.
  • Medicinemedicine is essential to animals as much as humans.

TACC also accepts a direct donation to non-affording patients from Samaritans. We appreciate the aids and assistance for this cause from benevolent and philanthropist members of the society.